Friar FinneganThe Magical Realm’s 2019 Beneciary: David Dixon

Many in the Renaissance community know of him as Friar Finnegan. He has a very popular show he performs at Renaissance faires across the country.

Sadly, a few years ago, the Friar was diagnosed with the one thing many of us fear… Cancer. His was Prostrate Cancer, or as he says, ‘The Easy Cancer’… or so he thought. Although the surgery was successful, it was far more damaging then he had thought. All of his friends and family have watched him struggle with this horrific illness for the last few years, although he has tried to maintain a positive attitude about the whole thing. Friar Finnegan, as a Renaissance performer, does not have tons of money, however the bills have been astronomical, and this has only added to the stress of his situation. Currently, his bills are around $20,000. And he jokes that “If they want their money, they gotta keep me alive.”

However, the Magical Realm, along with his friends and family, want him to be more than just kept alive. We want him to be able to live out the rest of his life without this darkness hanging over his head. So it is our goal to help bring a little bit of magic into Friar Finnegan’s life and raise as much of that $20,000 as we can, to aid him in paying off those debts. In 2019, we were able to donate over $4000 to help cover medical expenses.

So how can you help him? There are several ways… You can come and join us at the Magical Realm, the first weekend of June at the Eaton County Fairgrounds. If you cannot make it to the faire but want to help, you can donate here on our website. Even a few dollars will help to give the Friar the life he deserves. Other ways to help are to Like and Follow our page, Love and share our posts, and help us spread the word. Or, Volunteer to help in the Magical Realm.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Friar Finnegan will be performing for us at the Magical Realm, so don’t miss this chance to come a see the Friar live and perhaps we can all talk him into doing his naughty show for us in our Mead Hall, the Drunken Dragon!