2022 Entertainment

More entertainers coming soon… check back later!
Kizzy the Butterfly Lady

Kizzy the Butterfly Lady

Kizzy provides fractured fairytale-type story fun for young and old alike, made better with audience participation.


Photo courtesy of Elle Mollitor

Godmother's Traveling Fairytale Museum

Godmother's Traveling Fairytale Museum

The Museum is a static display of items from a variety of Fairytales, with some comedic information occasionally provided by a ‘tour guide’. Examples of items to be found in the museum include Rumplestilskin’s spinning wheel and Snow White’s poison apple.


Photo courtesy of Godmother’s Museum

Araell the Adonis

Araell the Adonis

World fusion dance, including bellydance, Irish/Celtic, veil, fan and more.

Photo courtesy of Kristian Walker


2022 Entertainer Information Packet

Contact Information

E-Mail: entertainment@themagicalrealm.com

Logistical Considerations for Performers

Check in: You may set up at your leisure, but be aware that all vehicles must be off the festival grounds by 9:00 a.m. each day of the festival. Check in hours will be limited to the following:
Friday, June 3: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.   (Participant picnic following)
Saturday, June 4: 7 – 9 a.m.

You will be sharing a stage with other performers. Please check in with the Entertainment Coordinator for schedule, welcome packet, and stage and ‘green room’ locations before setting up.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Entertainer Information Forms.

Performers: Please help promote the event by posting online, encouraging friends, family and coworkers to visit, etc.