The 89th Key
Live band

Bart Moore
Acoustic guitar & vocal

Bell Book & Canto
Acapela Vocals

Bellydance Kalamazoo
Family Friendly show featuring various styles of bellydance

Traditional/Folk Music

The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy
Musical performance duo
The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy

E-leesa Gypsy Enchantress
Traditional Mid-Eastern Dance (belly dance)

Fort Loudon Memorial Singers
Native American Drumming/Educational


Gerry Light Trio
Rock & Roll Party Band

Gypsy Raqs
Belly dance

Gypsy Sisters
Vocal music

Henpecked Dawgs
Folk/Irish Acoustic Renaissance Band
Hen Pecked Dawgs



The Jail
Jail stage
The Jail

Jerry  Oleynik
Guitar & Vocals

Just Happy to Be Here
Comedy show
Just Happy to Be Here

Kingdom of Shiabruck
Encampment at the castle
The Kingdom of Shiabruck

Malekai Vassar
Tribal Fusion Dance

Order of the Forgotten
Real steel educational sword fighting

Pirates & Wenches
Folk/Rock Renaissance Band

Really the Clown
Clown, magic, balloons, etc.

Red Skull Militia
Boffer, LARP, fight demo, story telling

Viking Drummer

Steel Lotus Dance Troup
Tribal belly dance with veils, snakes, etc.
Steel Lotus Dance Troupe

The Swords of Valour
Live steel combat

Irish & UK Folk Music

The Wind Rose Minstrels
Civil War Re-enacting with Fife & songs
The Wind Rose Minstrels